1. Do you have any dental problems now?

  2. Pain in mouth or tooth?

  3. Pain or tenderness to biting or chewing?

  4. Teeth sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets?

  5. Did you wear braces?

  6. Is food catching between your teeth?

  7. Are you missing any teeth?  If yes, do you know the cause?

  8. If teeth have not been replaced, why not?   Was it ever suggested? 

  9. Have you ever broken a tooth?  If yes, do you know the cause?

  10. Have you noticed your teeth or bite shifting?  If yes, do you know why?

  11. Is your bite comfortable?

  12. Do you tend to chew on the right or the left side?

  13. Are you aware of teeth clenching and / or grinding?  During sleep?

  14. Do your jaws ever feel tired or fatigued?

  15. Do you ever have ringing or pain in your ears?  If yes, do you recall when it started?  Has there been any change?

  1. How often do you brush?  What type of tooth brush?  What type of toothpaste?

  2. Do you floss?  What type of floss?

  3. Do your gums bleed when you clean them?  Do they bleed any other time?

  4. Do your gums feel irritated, tender or swollen?

  5. Have you ever been told of gum disease?  Have your parents had gum disease?

  6. Have you heard the term "traumatic occlusion?"

  7. Do you know extensive destruction of the bone under the gum can occur before your are aware of it?

  1. Is there anything you would like to change?

  2. Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth and / or smile?

  3. How do you feel about keeping your teeth a lifetime, in maximum comfort, function and appearance?

Occlusal (Bite) Harmony

Periodontal (Gum) Health  


*Note that there is some overlap in the first two categories.  Some questions can suggest gum health issues and / or bite issues if answered in the affirmative.

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