Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field of dentistry that can improve your appearance, your smile, even your self-esteem, and confidence.   Most of us think of tooth whitening or veneers when cosmetic dentistry comes to mind, but as a skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Friedman can offer much more.


Putting it Altogether

There have been great advances in materials used in the field of dentistry in the past few

years, with veneers, crowns and bridges improving by leaps and bounds.   Dr. Friedman

uses EMax Porcelain almost exclusively for it's strength and it's ability to mimic (biometics or biomimicry) natural teeth like no other porcelain.  But creating beautiful smiles is a team effort and Dr. Friedman  employs a dental technician whose artistic abilities are unrivalled. Together, they can create whatever you can envision.


The first step begins with a consultation.  Clear communication during the consultation is essential to achieving what you envision for your teeth and your smile.   Old photographs clearly showing your smile, photographs from magazines of attractive smiles and even old models of your teeth are helpful in communicating your thoughts.  

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.  What shade of white do I want my teeth to be: a natural shade or a

whiter-than-white shade or somewhere in between?      

2.  Am I satisfied with the amount of teeth showing when my lips are

relaxed and when I smile?

3.  Am I looking for perfectly aligned teeth or am I happy with slight


4.  Am I happy with the amount of gum that shows when I smile?

Refining your vision even further, Dr. Friedman uses a number of tools.  One such tool, imaging software such as Photoshop, allows you to  preview the changes you and Dr. Friedman envision.   This gives you and Dr. Friedman the flexibility to change your vision on a computer and to recreate a new one should you desire to do so before treatment has begun.

A second method used to convey a cosmetic improvement to your smile involves "mocking up", with tooth coloured wax, the changes desired to a model of your teeth thereby giving you a 3-dimensional view.

And finally, the last tool incorporated uses provisional (temporary) restorations.  This permits you to "wear" your new smile for a trial period before creating the restorations that will ultimately be bonded to your teeth.  Provisional restorations are easily modified in the mouth and in fact, therefore, they are the best tool we have.

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