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Welcome to Brian S. Friedman Dentistry. This is the start of a journey.  It is a journey we hope to share with you - one that leads to stable, predictable dental health and a beautiful, lasting smile.  Our work is centred around a singular vision:  to enhance the lives of others. You'll find it permeates every aspect of our practice, from the patient-friendly design of our office to the way we customize our care to discover your individual needs and expectations in terms of dental health.

Comprehensive, patient-focused care.  We follow a patient-focused approach to dental care that is based on building equal, interdependent relationships.  As opposed to just working on your teeth, we work with you and become partners in problem solving.  It's important to spend time planning, preparing, educating, motivating and learning about you  as an individual.  We believe that our real value to you is in our care,skill and judgment in planning the treatment that 

 will help you enjoy predictable, long term dental health.

Starting from a solid foundation.  The ability to enhance our patients' lives by providing beautiful cosmetic results is a large part of what motivates us.  However, a radiant smile is only the top of the dental health "pyramid".  As health-centred practitioners, our guiding objective is to help you maintain a stable foundation of dental health.  It's very much about future focusing.  Together, we look at where you want to be in terms of your own dental health in the immediate future and years down the road.  If there is a difference from where you are now, the question then becomes:  how do we get there?

We think you'll discover that enhanced appearance follows naturally.  When you start with a stable foundation of dental health - when we are preventing as opposed to reacting to problems - your results, cosmetic and otherwise, are simply more predictable.





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"Dr. Friedman is the best dentist we've ever had.  A true perfectionist, his work is like art.  We trust him completely with our dental health and we appreciate how he puts his patients at ease."

Michael and Barbara

"I am thotoughly impressed with the professionalism and treatment I continually receive from Dr. Friedman and his staff.  I am thrilled with the results of the restorative measures he used to improve my bite and my smile.  I love my crowns."


"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Brian Friedman and his staff for making me always feel at home when I am there for an appointment.  Why, because home as his office is the greatest place to be.  I can truly say it is a pleasure for me to go to the dentist.  I used to be terrified of dentists, but not anymore.  Thanks to this special office it will always be a pleasure to visit."




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30 St. Clair Ave West, Suite 102

Toronto, Ontario   M4V 3A1\\ Tel: 416-482-9100 

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Monday – Thursday  07:30AM – 5:00PM

Friday by Appointment  


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